The Neck Basket - As Seen On TV

The Neck Basket from! Of course, the Neck Basketâ„¢ isn't real, it's just a silly way to say that big companies come up with some pretty strange ideas - and they want YOU to tell THEM what you think.

At, you can do just that! Share your opinions on the products and services you use everyday and get paid for it! It's a great way to earn some extra cash while deciding if products like Neck Basket ever see the light of day.

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Disclaimer: Neck Basket is a wholly-owned subsidiary of All rights and copyrights reserved. Do not use Neck Basket to carry children, firearms, hot beverages, or wild animals. Neck Basket can cause undue stress to your neck. Consult your doctor and fashion consultant before wearing. Wow, I can't believe you're actually reading this. That means you think that this is an actual product. Unfortunately, you'll need to make your own Neck Basket if you wish to benefit from this life-changing device. If you do, please be kind and send us pictures.